Interior Design Mackay

Choose you, and experience luxury and pleasure in everyday moments

Summit and Co creates luxurious and life changing spaces, uniquely designed for your purpose and enjoyment. As your Mackay interior designer, we’re here to provide you with luxury in your lifestyle, and ensure you get that deep sense of satisfaction every time you walk in your space.

Are you ready to feel house-proud the moment you walk into your home? Or inspired to get things done when you step foot in your new functional commercial space?

Book your free discovery call today to find out how we can transform your interior dreams into a reality.


Interior Design Mackay

Cut through the confusion and overwhelm with your Mackay interior designer

Our passionate team can provide you with the clarity and confidence throughout your journey of renovating, building, or styling your interior project.

By applying our high-level expertise and local knowledge, we can ensure you’ll be walking into your new place feeling confident about every single decision that was made for you. 

Interior Design Mackay

Live a life of ease, without compromising on luxury design

We believe your space should make your life easier.

That’s why we ensure everyday considerations and functionality is factored into all of our our designs; to ensure you can live a life of ease, without compromising on that interior designer wow-factor.